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Pharmacist in Paderborn – preparation of medicines according to prescription

We use all our experience and expertise in pharmacy for your health!

The Drei Hasen Apotheke in Paderborn naturally prepares prescriptions prescribed by doctors that are individually tailored to the patient's health complaints. Our team of pharmacists works together with surgical practices, among others.

These prescriptions usually contain different active ingredients that are not available as finished medicines in the corresponding concentration or combination.

Examples of concoctions that your pharmacist will prepare on prescription are:

  • Anaesthetic gels and creams for aesthetic surgery
  • Hormone-containing formulations
  • Special preparations for the mouth and throat, for example, throat sprays for acute infections to relieve symptoms quickly

When does the doctor prescribe medicines prepared by the pharmacist?

Every patient, every clinical picture is unique and requires individual medication to achieve optimal treatment success. It often happens that the usual medicines do not have the expected effect or their ingredients are not coordinated in the way the patient needs.

Other reasons are intolerances to the ingredients of the finished medicinal product as well as special requirements of children or senior citizens who often cannot swallow tablets and therefore need medicines in a different dosage form.

In these cases, a prescription made up by the pharmacist is the first choice. In Germany, every pharmacy is obliged to produce prescription medicines.

Are you interested? Then we look forward to your visit to our pharmacy, which is easily accessible on foot and by public transport! Of course, you are also welcome to contact us in advance by telephone or online.

A range for every need

In addition to our prescriptions and ointments, our pharmacy offers a complete range of prescription and over-the-counter medicines. This also includes vegan formulations and homoeopathic remedies. You are always in the right place when it comes to your health.

Drei Hasen Apotheke – there for you in all health matters!

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